Imagine… Innovate… Challenge…
The three solid pillars of ACE College drive us to the zenith
About ACE

"ACE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT takes utmost care for grooming the students to keep pace with the catalytic changes in the Technical Environment & are committed for the thoughts directed to achieve the highest quality of standards."


The ACE College of Engineering & Management is owned, promoted & run by the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi graduates Mr. Sanjay Garg & Mr. Akhil Goyal who are Civil Engineers and well known in Infrastructure .circle of Western U.P. and Delhi. They have more than more than 25 years of rich and diversified experience in the field of education and industry


It gives us immense pleasure to see that the sapling that we planted has blossomed and is spreading its fragrance far and near. We feel satisfied when people come to us and say that our slogan

"Bringing Technology to Life"

ACE College of Engineering & Management provides environment which is conducive for students to acquire knowledge with spirit of conduct and to liberate their full potential to acquire value based education. We are a top academic & Technical Institutions, providing best infrastructure, highly skilled and motivated staff and a conducive teaching-learning environment.

Our team works for the overall personality development of the students and motivates the students to inculcate in themselves the qualities of head and heart with a human face and truthfulness.

We congratulate the faculty, staff and members of the management committee for their efforts into developing students into Technocrats with character who provide an impetus to the global technical and economic platform.

We have structured our courses in a way that that students constantly find themselves in engaged finding new and different ways to solve & analyze solutions to various problems. If a student truly want to be an engineer, the challenges he/she face will just make things more interesting. Overcoming obstacles will help sharpen student’s mind, help them deal with problems not only in engineering but in life as well.

Engineering is all about making things that even a lay man can use and making life better for everybody. As an engineer ourselves, we want everyone coming out of our Engineering Institution, to actually make a difference in the world by way of technological improvement and innovation.

We conclude by saying.
"Today’s advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic, only if you innovate & work hard".

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