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Discipline & Regulation

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment."

Following disciplinary regulations are to be observed strictly by the students:

To adhere to the rules/orders, instructions and notice of Institute & hostel authorities.

To abstain from noisy, boisterous, disorderly or obnoxious behavior.

To abstain from irregular attendance and unauthorized absence from classes and hostel.

To abstain from persistent negligence of studies.

Not to use any kind of unfair means in class test and sessionals or final examinations or any other kind of examination or copying of tutorials and home assignments.

Chewing Tobacco in any form, smoking inside the premises of the Institute or hostel is totally banned.

Consumption of intoxicating drugs, liquor, alcohol and other prohibited drinks or intoxicants or such like substances, gambling in any form is totally banned.

Failure to report cases of indiscipline to the Chief Proctor/Hostel warden or College authorities.

Disrespect towards any religion, caste, culture and community.

Indecent behaviour towards any colleage or females by way of gestures, comments or physical advancement, whether inside the Institute, hostel or outside.

Disorderly behaviour inside the premises or outside in society bringing disrepute to Institute in any manner.

Association with any anti-national activities, organization, association or person.

Spoiling Institute property, equipments, tools, books, reading material or tempering with operation procedure of the Institute.

Showing disrespect towards National Flag of country or National Anthem in any manner.

Defecting library books or journal or any literature connected with academics & Institute.

Tampering with any safety norms, equipment, building vehicles or property of the Institute.

Failure to comply with instructions issued through a NOTICE to submit information or curriculum vitae for training and placement in the stipulated date and time. Also failure to attend training, personality development program conducted by the Institute whenever required to be initiated.

Meetings of any kind shall not be convened and no person shall be invited to address any meeting in the Institute or hostel premises without the permission of the Director. This is true for the faculty and staff also.

Students shall observe all safety precautions. The Institute will not be responsible for accident of any nature in the Institute, hostel, workshop, laboratories and playground or in campus and in the vicinity.

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